A destination photographer provides access to professional portraits for your significant events. Weddings, reunions, and business events are memorable events that you want to promote to the best of your ability. A professional photographer understands the angles and scenery creating the best portrait possible.

Why should I hire a destination photographer?

Your special day is essential. Capturing this magic without a keen eye for detail is impossible. Even with the power cell phone cameras, they fail to live up to the detail captured by a professional lens. You may present a pose at a wedding surrounded by mountains, rivers, or the iconic beach but may also lose your subjects in the scenery.

There is no better way to immortalize your event than with an expert photographer. Our destination shutterbugs know their trade. They frame your subjects perfectly against the best possible background in a way that no cell phone can.

Our experts are independent of your event. They are interested in the art form as opposed to specific events and ceremonies. This allows our professionals to obtain pictures that last a lifetime in real time. Don’t let the kiss become the only memorable moment at your wedding.

How do I choose a destination photographer?

Destination photographers honed their skills over time. Through previous and current employment, they grew to understand what clients are looking for. Simply asking a college student to capture your destination wedding will not provide the quality of an expert.

Your wedding or event demands expertise. Never grant the story to someone without experience. You would not trust a biographer with no writing experience. This is truer of a photographer who has only one chance to get the photo you want.

Kelly Tareski Photography is an award-winning studio located in Spokane, Washington. Our small team including the namesake owner, a hair and makeup artist, and venue and web design specialist offer a full range of services.

We won the 2018 and 2017 IMTA International Models and Talent best in show branding headshot and the 2016 and 2018 Best Wedding Photographers in Spokane from Expertise. Our experts bring their talent to every job.

What services do destination photographers offer?

These professionals possess a range of useful skills beyond photography. Makeup, venue design, and even web design complete the experience.

Designers create the scenery devoted to the emotion and joy of a wedding or professionalism of an industry level event. Photographers know what makes a perfect picture and this translates directly into your surroundings.

After the closing ceremony and final goodbyes, attendees want to carry the feeling forward. A website granting access to your images offers the perfect chance to carry your day or brand into the future.

Our team includes an award-winning makeup artist, web designer, and venue designer. We are dedicated to cultivating the image you want and conveying powerful emotion.

A destination photographer captures the moment without getting lost in the surroundings. Our team of award-winning professionals sets the bar in Spokane. Contact us today to find out more.

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