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Are you wondering how to recruit real estate agents and retain them? If so, you have come to the right place. In today's tight job market, recruiting and retaining top talent is not just a luxury; it's a necessity! In order to effectively recruit top agents and keep them, you first have to know what makes them happy and what motivates them. The mindset of the younger generations is much different than the mindset of Generation Z and Generation X brokers.

Today, real estate agents are typically savvier. They want to find a place where they best fit culturally and where they have the best tools to help them succeed. This means that real estate firms seeking to recruit the best new talent should ramp up their technology investments and invest in internal cultural development. Contact Fearless Agent today to get help with talent recruitment and retention: 

Top 10 Tips on How to Recruit Real Estate Agents (Outstanding Real Estate Agents!)

Please consider the top 10 tips to help you recruit and keep the best real estate agents.

Tip #1: Be a Maverick

Commission splits alone aren't going to help you attract and keep the best talent. Don't follow the real estate recruitment script. Consider using remote and mobile-first technology to help your agents work faster and more efficiently from any location.

Tip #2. Be Diligent

Your options will be limited if you wait until a broker leaves before you start recruiting. Be proactive and start cultivating candidates before a need arises.

Tip #3: Host a Happy Hour

A monthly or quarterly event, like a happy hour, could provide you with an opportunity to meet new candidates in a more informal setting. This way, you can build a rapport with local agents for the future, even if they are not looking to change now.

Tip #4: Define Your Culture Clearly

Do you provide marketing courses, camaraderie, and support? If so, define your culture clearly and promote your culture to make your brokerage stand apart from the bunch.

Tip #5: Develop a Robust Online Marketing Campaign

Great new customers and candidates are scouring the web, looking for brokerages like yours. Make sure you utilize a robust digital marketing campaign to reach all.

Tip #6: LinkedIn is Only a Starting Point

LinkedIn is great, but other social media platforms can be even more viable for your brokerage. YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram can be excellent recruitment platforms for your firm.

Tip #7: Retain Talent with Reporting

Use tools like dotloop to help you track and manage your agents so you can always see how needs more one-on-one time and coaching.

Tip #8: Integrate with CRM and Back-Office Applications

Some of the best agents are very tech-minded, and they tend to be attracted to brokerages offer technology that integrates with their favorite CRM, marketing/accounting apps, etc.

Tip #9: Track Each Candidate

Refine your candidate pool and conduct interviews. Then, you should track each candidate using standardized criteria to keep them interested.

Tip #10: Do What You Have to Retain the Best Talent

The best real estate brokerages will do anything to retain their top talent, and so should you! After all, what good would it do to go through such trouble to recruit the best talent if you lose them prematurely?


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