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Costa Rica is world-famous for its five-star luxury villas and beachfront properties. Costa Rica is filled with resorts, hotels, and vacation rentals, ranging from one star to five stars. The best resorts in Costa Rica are the villas on the beach, especially in Guanacaste, Costa Rica! Costa Rica villas on the beach can turn an ordinary vacation into an extraordinary vacation! Dream On Costa Rica has several villas on the beach for rent, all of which are located in the Southwest province of Guanacaste.

Dream On Costa Rica features several five-star luxury villas that come with a full suite of top-of-the-line amenities. Selecting the right location is the key to a happy vacation. Dream On Costa Rica's villas on the beach provide vacationers with a safe, fun, and beautiful place to stay. Your villa is your home while you are here. If you have never experienced what it is like to be pampered and waited on, you are going to love our properties! Dream On Costa Rica's beachfront properties are the embodiment of luxury.

Villa Oceanis in Playa Junquillal

No other beach resort villa in Guanacaste captures the elegance, beauty, and natural ambiance of Costa Rica better than the Villa Oceanis! This villa on the beach is off of the beaten path a bit, offering maximum privacy and security. The Villa Oceanis comes with a swimming pool, wooden deck, modern appliances, fine china, chef-cooked meals, free WiFi, and much, much more! This location is ideal for vacationers who want to stay in a luxury villa on the beach that is secluded.

Villa Diosa del Mar in Playa Junquillal

This enchanted, rustic villa on the beach comes equipped with a fireplace, swimming pool, modern furniture, chef-cooking, outdoor patio, and more. Located five minutes from the beach and five minutes from town, the Villa Diosa del Mar is the perfect location for individuals who want convenience and luxury more than anything else. Here, you will enjoy unrivaled exquisite rest, relaxation, and rejuvenation.

Villa Don Vito in Tamarindo

Tamarindo is one of the most coveted places for Costa Rica villas on the beach. A great location deserves a great villa, and the Villa Don Vito is the big daddy of them all! Here, luxury, privacy, and convenience collide, providing for the ultimate luxury stay in Costa Rica. The property is nestled securely in the jutting cliffs that overlook the Pacific Ocean. The area is gated, the pool is to die for, 18 hole gulf is available to guests, and the best vacation rental amenities come with the Villa Don Vito.

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All units come equipped with air conditioning. All locations are close to an airport. All units come with private chefs and housekeeping. All units are private. All units come with WiFi. To learn more about our Costa Rica villas on the beach, contact Dream On Costa Rica by email or by phone, and we will be happy to assist you.

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